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Model–view–controller (MVC) framework, providing default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages


Open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Build encapsulated components that manage their own state.

Projects Completed

Hello Bonsai

Client: Hello Bonsai Role: Senior Rails developer Technologies: Rails, jQuery, Stripe, PayPal Location: San Francisco Matrix Partners, Y Combinator

Hello Bosani is an app of San Francisco company. It provides a soltion for all the freelence's needs - contract signing, time tracking, invoicing, reporting and payments.

The biggest challange is making sure that the app is organized well, as there are a lot of moving parts as well as user's security as all the payments users will be receiving within the app.

The app now serves thousands of freelencers, and it user-base continues to grow.

Hello Bonsai screenshot 1
Hello Bonsai screenshot 2


Client: Bindrop Role: Artitect, team lead Technologies: Rails, jQuery, Stripe Location: Toronto, Canada TDD, 98% test coverage

Want your cloths to be picked up, washed, and delivered back to you. You want to pay weekly, using subscription or manually by ordering specific services. Then Bindrop is for you

The app is fully tested, developed using TDD approach and very flexible adaptable to ever-changing user's needs

The app currently serves hundreds of customers.

Bindrop main page
Bindrop subscription


Client: Stringwire Role: Senior Rails developer Technologies: Rails, API, Knockout.js, Android, iOS native Location: San Francisco

An NBC News channel app for live streaming from user's phones to their followers on the web. It provides a whole around service, with Android, iOS mobile apps for streaming live fotage, and web app for watching and chatting amoung audiance.

The admin section provides a functionality of creating TV channels where admins can use sources from thousands of users which are streaming live to create a TV channel.

The app built as an alternative to Periscope, and it is built to support millions of users.

Stringwire main page
Stringwire chat

Boutique Air

Client: Stringwire Role: Senior Rails developer Technologies: Rails, API, Cordova, AngularJS Location: San Francisco

Boutique Air is San Francisco Airline company. Providing flights for more private, premium flights, for the cost of the commercial flights.

The app consists of three parts - the web-app, API, and the mobile applications for the Android and iOSbuilt using Angular.js and Cordova (discontinued)

It was built so serve thousands of people accross the US. The biggest challange was to make the reservations prone to errors and to provide a smooth service.

BoutiqueAir main page
BoutiqueAir flights